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V&R Holdings Inc.
Expanding their business..
V&R Holdings Inc. executives can focus on growth thanks to quality Risk Management Services by BenTrust.
V&R Holdings Inc. is expanding their business with the right Risk Management solutions by BenTrust.

BenTrust Risk Management Solutions offers the executives at V&R (efficiency and precision) so they can focus on productivity. As your company grows, you meet new challenges and risk factors that can affect profitability. BenTrust offers performance bonds for your clients, error and omission policies, insurance for products in transit, and other products that fit the needs of a growing business. If business travel is a big part of your work, BenTrust offers international health insurance programs covering liabilities such as evacuations, air ambulance, and even kidnap and ransom policies.


Your BenTrust agent understands all these risks and will provide the appropriate guidance so you can concentrate on managing your company's growth. Give us a call and let us conquer the world together.

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Industrial Construction Corp.,
Building the Future
uses BenTrust Liability Insurance programs to give Engineers and General Contractors peace of mind.
Industrial Construction Corp. is covered by BenTrust Insurance Products.

Whether you are building a commercial or residential project, it is important to have an “all risk” liability insurance policy that covers vandalism, accidental losses, damage to property during the completion of construction, and other potential risks. Serious setbacks such as a fire or theft could affect a project’s timetable and profitability. By obtaining the right insurance products from BenTrust, developers, engineers and general contractors can feel confident that their interests are protected.

A BenTrust insurance service agent can help you identify the risks affecting your project, consider the items to be covered, manage the conditions under coverage, and design the appropriate insurance coverages to fit your needs and budget.

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United Aeroservices
Technology offer their..
employees the best in employment benefits designed by BenTrust insurance services.
United Aeroservices: Technology at its Finest

Employee benefit packages designed by BenTrust are the tools used by company leaders to motivate employees, increase productivity, and ensure loyalty. These benefits are provided to improve the quality of life for employees and their families. There are several types of employee benefit packages that a company can utilize. Let an agent from BenTrust help you to explore the trends in your industry, expectations from the people working at your company, and the need of your company’s most valuable assets - your employees.

Give BenTrust a call to schedule an appointment with one of our expert insurance agents so we can examine your alternatives, at no cost to you.

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Bill and Barbara
Plan for their Estates with BenTrust
Bill and Barbara are enjoying their retirement knowing BenTrust estate plan specialists are working for them.
Bill and Barbara, enjoying their benefits!

No matter where you are in life, estate plans from BenTrust will guide you to prepare for your life after you retire. With BenTrust estate planning products, you can establish the proper life insurance coverage that will carry you through your retirement years. There are several options on reaching your goals like a universal life policy and survivorship policies, which will protect your assets for generations to come.

A BenTrust Estate Plan specialist will help you explore and and define your options from determining the value of your estate and then providing the appropiate coverages to achieve your goals. Get in touch with one of estate plan experts to get started on your future now.

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The Millers
Homeowners Insurance Policy, makes them confident their property is covered against all risks.
This summer the Millers decided to buy a house. They are confident knowing that BenTrust has them covered...
A Homeowners Insurance Policy You Can Trust

Whether you need a homeowners policy, flood insurance, umbrella, jewelry and art collection, make sure your home and property are covered. You have to be prepared for unfortunate events such as a hurricane, a tornado or a fire.  Make sure your investment and family are covered with an insurance plan you can trust from BenTrust.

Get in touch with a BenTrust insurance service expert for more ways you can protect your home and family.

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Sylvia and Jen
will always be taken care of thanks to a Life Insurance Policy.
Jen and Sylvia have the freedom to explore, while Mom and Dad rely on BenTrust for their protection.
Jen and Sylvia Will Be Just Fine

Your family can always count on you with a life insurance policy from BenTrust.  Make sure the people you love are taken care of in case you are in an unfortunate situation, especially when you have young children who depend on you economically.  In case of the death of a parent, your children will need the financial support to receive an education and continue to live their lives.

At BenTrust, we can help you define the coverage plans that are right for you and your family. Some options include a term life policy which is needed until your children become adults and a permanent policy that provides protection against an unexpected death. You can accumulate funds that you will receive in the future. We will be happy to discuss even this delicate subject with you, so give us a call.

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Summer and Brent,
set sail!
Summer and Brent set sail with confidence knowing their boat is protected with a Yacht and Marine insurance policy from the BenTrust team.
Summer and Brent enjoy life on the water.

Summer and Brent know their boat is protected by a BenTrust boat and yacht marine insurance policy.  Insurance Policies covering damage caused to your boat like collision, theft, and vandalism or something else such as a pier, buoy, dock or debris. Additional coverages include watercraft liability (including pollution), boat equipment and emergency services. Factors in boat and marine insurance can influence your policy’s coverage and price.

At BenTrust, we can help you "navigate" through all the terms and identify the best policy for your boat and marine vessels. Please give us a call and we can start exploring your options.

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recovering his life.
Roger can recover from accidents, medical conditions and stay healthy with a health insurance policy from BenTrust.
Roger has individual health coverage with BenTrust.

It is important that every person is covered with appropriate health care insurance coverage for any occurrence. The high costs of medical coverage can be a burden to anyone that does not have health coverage. At BenTrust, we define the most appropriate Health Insurance Policy for your individual needs. The coverage you may require is related to the amounts of deductibles, copayments and co-insurance you are able to budget for your health care. With the new regulations on the nation’s Health Care ahead, it is essential for you to fully understand your options.

You can always count on the support of a BenTrust agent when looking for the policy that best suits your individual and family health care insurance needs.

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Dr. Ross
concentrates his talents and efforts on his patients.
Dr. Ross uses BenTrust malpractice insurance services to protect his practice from unexpected lawsuits.
Dr. Ross can depend on Medical Malpractice Insurance Coverage from BenTrust

A great medical practice is always subject to unexpected lawsuits claiming medical malpractice. Make sure you are covered by a malpractice policy from BenTrust. Not only are physicians exposed to lawsuits, so are therapists, nurses, hospitals, clinics, and medical organizations for the mistakes of their employees.

Medical professionals may obtain professional liability insurances to offset the risk and costs of lawsuits. Call us and we will gladly explore options with you.

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